What will my learning experience look like in September?

We’re determined to make sure your learning experience isn’t compromised by the challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic. Whilst the way you learn with us during the Autumn term might be slightly different to what you originally expected, what hasn’t changed is our commitment to ensuring you get the most out of your studies with us. 

Following the outbreak of the COVID-19 earlier this year, we’ve adapted our ways of working to provide you with a hands-on, high-quality education, but one that also keeps everyone in our community safe. Here’s how you will be learning with us in September.

Continued access to facilities 

Firstly, we have been working hard to ensure that 95% of our course delivery is on campus so you continue to enjoy access to our fantastic facilities. Here are some of the measures we have taken:

  • Studios: Unless there are changes to the Government guidance we will ensure access to our studios for both class delivery and student bookings through increased cleaning and sterilisation alongside clear operating parameters. Current course delivery will be augmented within these spaces using large screens fed from multiple cameras observing the consoles and patch bays.

  • IT Suites/ Workshops: We are intending to use of screen sharing and audio networking to enable tutors to continue to offer in-depth, one-to-one support during sessions, whilst observing the rules of social distancing. We have installed perspex screens and will be increasing sanitisation of equipment to keep students safe within their respective working areas.

  • Library: In partnership with our validating university, we are working to ensure that all key texts are made available via the KoreTexts online Library, whilst enabling students to access the AES. Our physical library will remain open, but in a limited capacity. Books will be available to loan, but unavailable to browse.

  • Equipment booking: We have a large amount of bookable equipment available to use both on and offsite. A combination of UVC sterilisation and stock rotation will be implemented to ensure this equipment remains available for your use.



Rest assured, the use of studios and specialised audio spaces will still be at the heart of your learning experience and practical time using the facilities and hardware will not be compromised. The allocation of face-to-face learning hours with your tutors won’t change either, and we are enhancing elements of the curriculum to provide the best experience possible. For 2020, teaching  will combine face-to-face, in person and online activities. This mixed approach is extremely effective as it places emphasis on focused learning before, during and after each session. 

Uncompromised hands-on learning

We will continue to use the studios, workshops, and the other practical spaces in small groups, either as a huddle with 3 students together or as a pod, which will be a formalised cohort of students from your year group. These sessions will provide focused face-to-face tutor time, so you can get hands-on with our state-of-the-art equipment during studio sessions, workshops, fieldwork, practical activities and seminars. 


Getting ready for your teaching sessions

Before teaching sessions, you will be asked to complete a range of digital activities. Some  activities will occur through online channels without real-time interaction, providing greater flexibility over the pace of your learning. This means you will be able to review materials and undertake activities in your own time, allowing you to progress and assess your development independently. Other activities will occur online, in real time. These activities will provide you with an opportunity to discuss materials and projects with your peers, analyse concepts, debate theories or provide feedback on practical activities.

Bespoke video content 

Bespoke video content will be created to aid your understanding of key theories and concepts, whilst reducing the amount of time spent in the lecture theatre. This will allow for more progressive and developmental activities to take place such as; practical exploration of pioneering processes in the studios and IT suites, analysis and critique sessions to promote key practices and expand on techniques, collaboration and industry feedback on your work as well as masterclasses and guest lectures. This approach also means that your onsite access to the equipment will be maximised through face-to-face learning as well as independent booking of the facilities, enabling you to continue to refine your technical and creative skills.

The benefits of this approach

Whilst it may be a little different from learning experiences you have had previously, this approach has the potential to help you to develop quicker, make more progress with your projects, and achieve the best grade possible. Having explored the key principles before the session, you will then be ready to expand on these concepts in person under the expert tutelage and professional guidance of our teaching team. 

There are other advantages too – such as promoting the interaction and collaborative skills essential for working in the industry. It makes learning central rather than teaching, fostering higher engagement with the module content, and encouraging independent learning (which is one of the key skills required by employers). It also provides greater opportunities to attend to your individual learning needs and more class time for discussing, analysing, and debating – all the while allowing you to work at your own pace, exploring key concepts and skills. 

We will be sending out further information about enrolment on 17th August. In the meantime, if you would like to find out more, please feel free to contact a member of our admissions team who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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