What to expect at a dBs Music virtual open day

Our doors might be closed right now but you can still discover everything dBs Music has to offer from the comfort of your own home. With our Bristol and Plymouth virtual open days coming up in the next couple weeks, here’s what to expect and how you can get prepared for the day.

What happens at a dBs Music virtual open day?

When you attend one of our virtual open days you will be given an insight into what life at dBs Music is like. We'll be running separate video webinars for each course that we offer and you're free to attend as many as you like, so if you're undecided on which course is right for you, this is a great opportunity to make your decision. 

Throughout each webinar you will learn more about each campus and its links to the wider music industry, gain in-depth information about our courses, discover the employment opportunities available to you, and receive more information on student support and entry requirements. 

Why should I attend a virtual open day?

Whilst we are unable to open our centres and show you round, the virtual open day is the next best way to see everything we have to offer. Whether you're in the process of applying, weighing up your options or have already sent in your application and just want to learn more, this is the best way to do it. 

What do the course talks cover?

The course talks will go beyond the information we provide on our website and get you excited about what you could be working on during your time here. During these talks you will learn about the modules you'll study each year and how you will be taught e.g. practical, class-based, field trips etc. We'll also show you examples of work being produced on the course and where some of our graduates have progressed to after study. 

Who will I meet on the virtual open day?

Our panel will be made up of our centre manager, course leaders and tutors, our employability and engagement officer, student support and admissions team. 

Will I still be able to ask questions? 

As soon as you've joined a webinar you'll have the ability to add your questions to the Q&A chat box. As well as answering those questions live in text, there will also be two live Q&A sessions in the webinar where we will pitch some of those questions to the panel to discuss. 

Can I see all the studios and other facilities?

Yes! Before we dive into the meat of the open day we'll be showing you round the centre via our virtual tour videos so you can see inside our state-of-the-art studios and facilities. 

Which virtual open day should I attend?

There's no barrier to entry for any of our virtual open days and you're welcome to attend as many as you like, but to get the most out of it we suggest that you get in touch with our admissions team to discuss what your best options are. 

What if I can't make the open day dates available?

Just get in touch! We'll be running more virtual open days between now and September 2020 so there will still be a chance to attend. Our admissions team will be more than happy to help with keeping you up to date on our future events. Plus, don't forget to browse our blog and stay tuned on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram for a view of life at dBs Music across our Bristol and Plymouth sites.

How do I sign up to attend?

Head over to our website, choose the open day you wish to attend and use the sign up form to secure your place. You'll receive a confirmation email after you sign up with details on when each webinar is taking place, and a further email closer to the time with links to all the webinars in case you want to watch multiple. Both emails will have our contact information should you need to ask any questions before attending. 

I've already decided I want to study at dBs Music. Who can I contact to apply? 

If you're ready to apply for one of our courses, you can contact our admissions team either via or by phoning them on 0117 325 9290 (Bristol) or 01752 210801 (Plymouth). They will be happy to walk you through all the steps to get your application to us. 

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