What to expect at a dBs Music open day

Attend a dBs Music open day and you'll get the full flavour of what life at dBs Music is all about. It's a great chance to get a feel for the dBs Music ethos and experience the city and area of your campus choice. No matter if you have a clear picture of your area of study and future career in the music industry mapped out, or you're not quite sure on your favourite area of study in and possible career outcomes, we're here to help!

What happens at a dBs Music open day?What to expect at a dBs Music Open Day
There's loads to see and things to do if you wish, there are course leaders and tutors on hand to answer any questions, plus our fabulous admissions team to help you with your course choice, explain student finance, accommodation and anything else you might want to know. There's also fantastic workshops and taster sessions that you can get involved in. These are a great way to experience the studios and gear of dBs Music, meet the tutors and learn something new. Trust us. These workshops aren't going to feel like a boring classroom lesson! There'll also be some current students, technicians and support staff to help and advise if needed.

Will I meet the tutors?
Of course! You may already know our slogan #LearnFromThePros and our advocacy of employing the best industry professionals who practice what they preach, but our open days are your chance to meet those tutors and course leaders that teach across all our disciplines. Find out more about them, their background, specialisms, experience and discover the courses they teach on. Also, you can always learn more about our staff in our tutor profiles feature on the blog.

Are there ways to experience dBs Music's studios?
Yes! Want to get hands on with an SSL console, experience VR and 3D sound or get busy with the Ableton Push hardware? Do all that and so much more with a variety of and activities and sessions. From learning how to mic a drum kit [pictured above] to creating Foley effects for film or video games, there's loads to do and get involved with, especially on our open house workshop days!

Can I see all the studios and other facilities?
Sure thing! There are regular tours during an open day with the dBs Music staff where you can get more information on the specifications of each studio. Or explore the centre at your own pace! Plus with other activities running, you'll be able to hear the studios in action and get hands on with the gear too! 


Is it possible to discuss diplomas and degree courses at any open day?
Our staff we be able to advise you about course choices at any open day, but it's worth getting in touch with our admissions team first as in Bristol, for example, we have to separate campuses depending on whether you want to study for a pre-degree diploma qualification or a degree and it's always worth seeing the studios and facilities relevant to your course.

What if I can't make the open day dates available?
Just get in touch! Although we think an open day is the best way to fully experience life at dBs Music, we can arrange a private tour for you and answer your questions at a time convenient to you. Plus, don't forget to browse our blog and stay tuned on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram for a view of life at dBs Music across our Bristol and Plymouth sites.

How do I sign up to attend?
Head over to our website, choose the open day you wish to attend and use the sign up form to secure your place. Our team will be ready to greet you and answer any questions you have on the day. You'll receive all the information for your open day after you sign up, such as how to get to the chosen campus and contact details if you need to get in touch.


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