Watch dBs Music's Phin Head and Matt Ward lecture and perform at Superbooth 2018

Matt Ward and Phin Head are two of our dBs Music Plymouth tutors, both synth obsessed, both elbow deep in patch cables and both suffering from an addiction to all things modular! In the video below, learn all about tuning, microtonality and temperament using the µTune module by TUBBUTEC, Phin and Matt explain the theory then demonstrate with a fantastic performance! It's a video already liked by industry heavyweights, Aphex Twin and Richard Devine, both of which look set to also buy this amazing module after watching Phin and Matt's demo at Superbooth!

Check it out!

Lecture on microtonality with the TUBBUTEC µTune @SUPERBOOTH18 from HerrSchneider on Vimeo.



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