VIDEO: Turning a PS4 controller into a MIDI controller for Ableton

dBs tutor Chris Pratt turned his PS4 controller into a MIDI controller for Ableton Live so he could help students continue making music at home. 

With access to the usual equipment becoming unavailable, Ableton Certified trainer Chris Pratt was determined help keep his students inspired and for them to continue making music at home. Knowing that many in his cohort enjoy using the physical hardware found on campus, Chris wanted to find a way of giving them the same experience using something they would have at home already.

The answer was a project called 'Music 2020' where Chris developed a device using a pice of software called Max MSP that translated the messages a PS4 controller sends into MIDI messages that work with Ableton Live.

In the video below Chris shows us how his controller can be used to trigger notes, open filters, control live visuals and more. Tune in to see the full demo and get an in-depth breakdown of how it works.


3. Chris Pratt, turning a PS4 Controller into a midi instrument Final


Chris Pratt

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