Tutor Profile - Rich Hemming

Rich Hemming is the course leader for our Sound For Games and Apps course in Bristol and whose passion for cutting edge audio technology and games is unsurpassed at dBs Music. Built on academic achievements from a BA in Creative Sound and Music and an masters degree in Creative Music Practice, Rich is a creative music practitioner with an industry leading knowledge of studio recording and production for Games and Apps.

Connected firmly to the wider game audio industry, Rich's contacts have seen him invite industry guest lectures from the full breadth of the game audio Industry. With an expert knowledge of mainstream DAWs, Rich lectures in Ableton, Max for Live, Logic and Pro Tools HD in areas of both sound design and full electronic music production.
Plus, due to the nature of composing and implementing sound for games and apps, Rich specialises in non-linear composition, procedural audio, 3D sound for VR and AR and interactive music.

His extensive knowledge of DSP implementation, bespoke middleware, game engines and Pure Data audio programming environments also make Rich a powerhouse at cutting edge audio technologies. This wealth of experience in game audio is also backed up by wider music industry experience working for Hospital Records, Reality Jockey (Rjdj), and Krust (Full Cycle) on interactive and reactive app development projects. 


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