Tutor Profile - Martin Wright

Currenty teaching undergraduate students at our Bristol HE campus, Martin Wright has been in music industry for over 25 years in one form or another, he has a first class honours degree in music technology and is currently studying an MA in songwriting.

Martin’s career started in the post-rave electronica scene in the early 90s, his early creations under the alias ‘Insanity Sect’ found their way onto the hugely successful Ambient Dub compilations series. His aptitude for sampling, synthesis and remixing made him a natural fit within the Island Records London collective ‘The Quest Project’ which saw MTV exposure through its collaboration with Sian Evans (Kosheen, DJ Fresh) and other artists and remixes. 

In recent years Martin has spent time focusing on artist development and songwriting as well composing and producing for such diverse acts as Jonus Brothers, Julian Clary and composing for TV theme tunes and multi media. This ‘all rounder’ portfolio career allows him to teach across a range of subjects and engage with students with a variety of career goals at dBs Bristol.


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