Tutor Profile - Ben Glass

Known by those in the roots and dub reggae world as Digistep, Ben's main project Dubkasm is one of the top dub outfits in the international scene. Their hit single 'Victory' spread outside the Dub world, becoming recognised as the biggest selling roots record of the decade. Later to be remixed by UK dubstep legend Mala, the original vinyl sold over 5000 copies since its release. Following their first record in 1996, Dubkasm formed their own label in 2003 and have since released 28 vinyl discs.

Ben 1 Boomtown Lions den.jpgThe Dubkasm live show incorporates Ben's live sax and elements of soundsystem culture such as a vinyl and dubplate-only set. They have performed overseas in over 50 European cities as well as in Canada, NYC, across Japan, Brazil, Russia and as far as Siberia. Ben was captivated by music technology at ten years old when he taught himself to program a Yamaha DX11 synth.

Aside from production he works at Drake Music with disabled musicians, teaching with accessible music tech and pioneering the world's first accredited BTEC in Music Technology, adapted for people who face physically disabling barriers. Passionate about music and technology, Ben is a hugely popular lecture at our Bristol FE centre, teaching on the Music Production and DJ and Electronic Production diploma courses.


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