Tutor Profile - Adam Round

Joining the dBs Music family in 2013, Adam Round is the Team Lead at the Bristol FE centre and lectures on both the Music Production and DJ & Electronic Music Production BTEC courses. 

Adam began his musical career as a DJ in the 1990s before progressing onto music production, a passion that quickly blossomed and led him to formalise his skills at Bath Spa University where he graduated from the renowned Creative Music Production BA.

After graduating, the idea of teaching became an increasingly attractive proposition, leading Adam to enrol on a teaching qualification with Access to Music, who subsequently offered him a job at the end of his studies. For Adam, that was as clear as sign as any that he'd made the right choice. 

Alongside his academic qualifications and industry experience, Adam is also a Digidesign certified Pro Tools operator and can be found sharing his expertise at dBs Music Bristol across music production, DJing and recording techniques. 

Outside of teaching, Adam's interest in creating music and sound for moving image led to him co-founding the post-production audio company, Sound Attitude, alongside Alan Deacon in 2014. In the five and a half years since its formation, the two of them have worked with clients from across the globe, with Adam personally focusing his attention on developing a portfolio which now includes composition and sound design for documentaries, advertisements and feature films, most notably on the recently released 'Tomorrow', directed by Martha Pinson with Martin Scorsese as Executive Producer.

Sound Attitude

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