The Sounds of dBs: February 2021

Each month we collate the diverse creative output of our community in our Sounds of dBs playlist to celebrate the continued excellence of our staff, students and alumni. 

Despite being the shortest month of the year, February has seen some of the most diverse releases from our dBs Community and we're really excited to share what they've created. 

Game audio student Gin Leo shares her amazing cover of Ella Fitzgerald's classic 'Summetime', Groke returns with a genre-bending piece inspired by a medieval poem and we take a choice cut from dnb rising star Formula's new 'Suspended EP' on Invicta Audio. 

That's just a small portion of what's on offer this month, featuring the usual diverse range of styles that we've become accustomed too, from jazz and soundscapes, to R&B and soul. 

Don't forget to show some love to your favourite artists and give them a follow. 


Want to see what else our students and alumni have been achieving? Take a look at our dedicated space on the blog for celebrating their work

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