Student stories - Sara Fry

Here on the blog, we're once again shining a light on a student already making huge moves in the industry while studying at dBs Music. Encouraged by her course and tutors, Cornwall student Sara Fry has elevated her music production and DJ skills to a whole new level and has seen her bookings snowball. We caught up with her to see how things have been over the last year, how it all started and her plans for 2018...

What course are you currently studying at dBs Music? 
"I am currently studying the HND DJ & Electronic music production course at dBs Music, Cornwall. I'm absolutely loving it and have gained so much knowledge within production and feel that I have progressed thoroughly. My best experience so far is probably becoming more open minded with experimental music. I love hearing everyone's music and all different genres and styles. I really enjoy the guest lectures and seeing how other people produce music and this has influenced me hugely."

Sara_Fry_DJ_dBsMusic.jpgWhat advice would you give to a student beginning the course in September?
"I'd probably advise students that are starting a course at dBs Music is to stay focused, do your reading and enjoy every second. Your tutors are extremely knowledgeable and you can learn so much from them."

What is your background in music and how did this prepare you for the course?
"My musical background is stemmed hugely from when I was a baby, my parents were influenced by the rave scene and I often listened to a wide range of dance music such as Trance, Techno and House music whilst being very young and this really made me feel different kinds of dance music. I started producing when I was 18 and really pushed myself to learn and made tracks that were at a good standard but I felt like I wanted more knowledge and advice on how to make my music sound better.

Tell us about your experience in the industry. How regularly are you gigging and releasing your own music?
"I love the industry and it's my dream to do what I do on a daily basis. Since I've started I've been busy every week, locally and dotted around the place in the UK. Summer of 2017 consisted of 4 weeks in Ibiza where I DJ'd a lot and networked. I made my debut at the famous Sankeys whilst out there, played on a well known boat party called Pukka Up and took part in nights around the West End such as Pure, LYT & Hush. It was a busy 4 weeks but I loved every second. Since I've been back I took part in Leopallooza festival, Frendzy and Kynance. I also have won two mix competitions where I played for Detroit in Plymouth and also Bungalow events featuring in Lightbox, London. I have weekly slots within Falmouth at Mono and Toast so this keeps me very busy. Music wise I'm making a lot of tracks to be released in early 2018."

Sara_Fry_DJ.jpgWhat has been your favourite venue or gig so far?
"I used to play for Canvas where I supported the likes of KryWolf, Shadowchild and LowSteppa. That gig was probably a highlight both times playing there because the energy was so high and the crowd were loving every second."

Who in the industry inspires you and how does their work influence yours?
"I really love the production from Prok & Fitch, Amelie Lens, Pryda, Cristoph and Joris Voorn. Their music takes me on a journey and I love progressive music which leads to a huge drop and tracks which make you feel uplifted. I love big stereo imaging and music designed for warehouses and big room. You might be able to hear their influence within my productions but with my own twist."


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