Role at Minirig for dBs Music student, Rowan Lincoln-Gordon

Our Electronic Music Production student, Rowan Lincoln-Gordon landed a role at Minirig, the awsome portable speaker specialist and has been getting hands on in a few areas of the business.

For those that aren't aware, Minirig is a Bristol-based portable speaker company that has been taking the music-making and DJ scene by storm due to the size-defying power to size ratio and outstanding battery life of the speakers. Based around a simple design, individual speakers can be chained together with an optional subwoofer for a full 2.1 soundsystem, but a single, individual speaker is still of excellent quality and loud enough to make your trousers flap.
Minirig have just launched their latest speaker, the Bluetooth Minirig 2 which packs in a staggering 80hrs of battery life when charged.

We caught up with Rowan to find out a bit more about his role at Minirig in Bristol and he explained how things have progressed since he started working there.

image1 (1).jpg
"I have been working with Minirig for about a year, and started off just doing the non-technical jobs. Now I do most of the soldering and assembly of minirig speakers and subwoofers which is really cool. Plus, I've also represented them at music technology conferences and I'm a Minirig DJ, so I get to play at festivals doing after-hours official Minirig takeovers and parties around Bristol."

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