Roland announce new TR-8S drum machine

Launching out of nowhere, Roland have released an updated version of their hugely popular TR-8 drum machine, the TR-8S. We're guessing the S stands for the addition of sample playback from an SD card, but there are other new features too, such as separate outputs, 128 patterns storing eight variations and three fills, plus a whopping 43 effects!  

Another great feature is the new single performance pad, allowing to input velocity sensitive parts and the 3.5 jack sync which will help the unit play well with other gear including Roland's own boutique range. The quarter-inch jack outputs also work as triggers too, again making the TR-8S much better at interfacing with external gear. The TR-8S is out in April 2018 and although more expensive than the original at €699 it seems to be great value considering all the added features. Go deep into the specs and find out more at the Roland site below.


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