Roland annouce Boutique SH-01A, TR-08 and AIRA SP-404A sampler

New-Roland-Boutique-Synths.jpgThere were recent rumours of more in the Roland boutique range with a (probably carefully by Roland) leaked image speculating the appearance of a mini SH-101 clone. Well, now it's here with a couple of other product releases along side it, most notably the TR-08 Boutique version of the TR-808.

Starting with the SH-01A, it's a recreation of the classic synth made with Roland's digital analogue circuit behaviour technology, just like most of the others in the Boutique series range. Aside from the classic features of the original synth, what makes this a little different is the addition of four voices and four modes, plus 64 patch memories and save and recall of 64 step sequencer patterns. Plus, as a nod to the original, the SH-01A also comes complete in three different finishes.


Again, like the other Boutiques the SH-01A is USB or battery powered, fits the micro-keyboard add-on and has a little built in speaker, should you feel the need.


Boutique-Drum-TR-08-907805-edited.jpgNext up, is another recreation of a drum machine that's possibly been recreated more than any other drum machine. From micro Berlin boxes from MFB to the Korg Volca Beats, Vermona DRM1 and many more. Most analogue style drum machines give a heavy nod to Roland's TR-808 classic. So what does Roland's own digitally modeled clone bring to the party?

Well, there's now a sequencer enhancement with 16 sub-steps per step, making those machine gun snare rolls and trappy hi-hat patterns a cinch. Then, for modular lovers, a track-selectable trigger out helps you hook up external gear and for generally workflow ease there's a bright LED display for tweaking tempo and shuffle, and it’s now possible to tap parts in real time when creating sequences.

Again, it's USB and battery powered with full MIDI I/O and there's a great demo video from the guys at Reverb below.


Roland-SP-404A-AIRA.jpgIt's been a long time coming for Roland to revamp it's hugely popular performance sampler. The original version is one of those devices that crops up still crop up in peoples lives sets as a critical performance tool, so a new version with integration into Roland's popular AIRA range is welcome. Here's a brief overview of the features.

  • Sample anytime, anywhere with the built-in mic and battery power
  • Can be triggered from the 16-step sequencer in the TR-8 Rhythm Performer (TR-8 system version 1.50 or later required)
  • AIRA black-and-green color scheme to match existing AIRA hardware
  • “Sounds by Loopmasters” SD card includes over 100 new stereo samples, effects, and one-shots
  • 29 DSP effects, including filter, delay, unique voice effects, subsonic, looper, and more
  • Three control knobs, 12 trigger pads, and Sub Pad for rapid-repeat triggering
  • Seamless effects switching for smooth, perfect performances
  • Pattern sequencer with quantize mode and shuffle feels
  • Import audio files from a computer and assign samples to pads with free Mac/Windows software


Below Roland have a great video of the sampler in action, pairing up nicely with it's AIRA sibling the TR-8


No word on pricing for all these just yet, but expect them to be inline with the other Boutique range synths and drum machines and the previous SP-404SX sampler.


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