Rewind: Our favourite video masterclasses of 2020

In this edition of Rewind, we're looking back on some of our favourite video masterclasses released this year, including DJ Krust, ELPHNT, Alex Banks and more. 

We consider ourselves very lucky to be able to invite so many phenomenal guests into dBs, and this year was no different. Though COVID-19 restricted us from inviting as many as we'd like, we still managed to welcome a variety of professionals, each of which delivered truly inspiring and insightful masterclasses. 

Here, we've picked out some of our favourites from the past 12 months for you to check out. 

1. DJ Krust - understanding your goals and how to achieve them

DJ Krust (Option 4)One of the most respected and pioneering voices of the Bristol music scene, Krust's story from enthusiast to dance music titan is inspiring on its own.

When coupled with his extensive research into the psychology of the creative mind, what you end up with is a fascinating talk on success, both from a creative standpoint and a professional one. 

This session was a real favourite amongst both students and staff and is packed with great advice and exercises you can try yourselves to help improve your mindset and make positive changes in your creative journey. 

Watch the full masterclass here.

2. ELPHNT - using chance and randomness to break creative block

ELPHNT Masterclass (Feeed)

ELPHNT has delivered several masterclasses at dBs over the years, consistently delivering exceptional creative tips that are not only accessible, but innovative.

At the beginning of the year as part of the Ableton Education Tour, he returned to dBs Plymouth for what he dubbed his 2.0 masterclass, building on his previous visit with even more amazing tips and techniques revolving around chance and randomness. 

His videos have been a gateway for many people to finally take the plunge into the world of Ableton Live, so even if you're not familiar with the software, his video will impart so many ideas to use on your own productions and maybe prompt you to switch your DAW.

Watch the full masterclass here.

3. Ben Chilton - sound design using modular synthesisers and hardware

Ben Chilton Masterclass (Feed)

With the continued rise of modular synthesis in modern music production we wanted someone to showcase its applications outside of the typical electronic genres.

Over the course of just an hour, sound designer and modular expert Ben Chilton introduced our students to an extensive range of sonic applications available using modular synths and hardware.

As part of the masterclass, Ben also shares his experience creating sound design for commercial projects, discusses best working practice on client briefs and gives a detailed rundown of his setup and the best bits of gear to start your own modular rig.

Watch the full masterclass here.

4. Alex Banks - Taking your tracks from studio to the stage

Alex Banks Masterclass (Feed 2)Creating a track in a studio environment can bring with it a lot of creative freedom to push things as far as your imagination - and your computer - will take you. But how do you translate that into a live performance?

Electronic music producer and performer Alex Banks demonstrates just that.

Captured at this year's Ableton Education Tour in dBs Plymouth, Alex reveals how his complex productions make their way from the studio to the stage; guiding us through his elaborate live setup and how it feeds into the bigger picture, his integration of Ableton Live and creating everything from scratch. 

Watch the full masterclass here.

5. Reuben Armstrong - Exploring the relationship between a filmmaker and sound designer

Reuben Armstrong - Guest Lecture at dBs

In a slight change of pace, our final masterclass in this list isn't from the perspective of a musician, but from a director; Reuben Armstrong.

Offering a new insight into sound and its relationship with picture, Reuben talks us through the creative process of bringing a project to life; from early sketches and pitching an idea to its realisation, and the role of the sound designer/composer. 

A definite watch for any budding composers and sound designers who want to know how to build long-lasting collaborative relationships with filmmakers. 

Watch the full masterclass here.

Not every masterclass makes it to YouTube, but as a dBs student you'll have the chance to see them all. Check out our diverse range of degrees here.

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