Plugin Alliance makes all plugins free for 30 days

Plugin Alliance has reset the trials for every plugin in their library, making them all free to use for 30 days. 

In the wake of Coronavirus and the move to working from home and social distancing, many software developers have made their products free to use for those stuck inside, and Plugin Alliance has recently joined the fray, "in an attempt to at least give you all something to play with and make you smile in uncertain times."

If you want to take advantage of Plugin Alliance's offer, just follow the simple steps below: 

  • Download our PA Installation Manager
  • "Select All" and download / install all 124 plugins in one go!
  • Open your preferred DAW (Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic, whatever...)
  • Activate any of the plugins from the GUI (User Interface) and enjoy them for 30 days - FREE!
  • Details: PA Activation Manual

Even if you've already trialed a plugin, you can re-activate it and get another 30 days out of it. Plugin Alliance have said that the activation screen may say 14 days, which is their standard trial period, but you will have access for 30 and can check this in the plugin toolbar. 

Additionally, if you haven't already, Plugin Alliance offer a special signup promotion where creating an account with them lands you 6 free plugins! Just head to their website to reap the rewards. 

Staying creative during social distancing

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