Rewind: Our favourite community stories of 2020

Despite the challenges brought by 2020, we like to celebrate the high-points. If you're keen to look back, here are some great things that happened in our community this year.

Whittling down our favourite stories of 2020 was tough. Particularly in a year when our students and staff have shown such resilience, compassion and creativity, against the odds. In the end, we opted for stories that highlight the ingenuity and goodwill of the dBs community, in its constant quest to use sound to effect positive social change. So without further ado, here are six of our favourites.

1. Using sound to help you sleep: Dan Whack

Student Stories - Dan Wack Cover

Earlier this year, Innovation in Sound student Dan Whack released a 5 track EP in collaboration with his tutor Oliver Ryles, which is designed to aid sleep. Building on research  into brainwave frequencies and how they relate to your patterns of sleep, each track is dedicated to a different sleep phase and its role in help our bodies rest and repair.


2. Telling Bristol's stories through sound: Alexi King

Music production student field recording in Eastville Park

This year, Electronic Music Production graduate Alexi Kind launched her podcast 'Sonic Seasoning', which explores Bristol's food culture through storytelling and soundscape composition. Alexi's interests lie in the tiny sonic details that help build a connection between a person and their experience, whether that's the sound of a bowl of coleslaw stirring or chips frying. 

Sonic Seasoning

3. Creating a 3D game to ease lockdown stress: Alden Beckett

Sound designer Alden BeckettALFor Sound Design and Audio Programming graduate Alden Beckett, the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic didn’t come without its challenges. Like many other students, the announcement of lockdown meant he had to complete his final project from the confines of his home. However, it also inspired him to develop his thinking to help people cope with the unique stresses of this time. 

Alden Beckett Audio

4. Challenging sexism in electronic music: Emmy Luscombe

Live events student DJ EMMY

One-quarter of the female-led collective Concrete Jungyals, Live Events grad EMMY has become a prominent figure in the fight against gender inequality in electronic music. We sat down with her to discuss her work with the collective, the shifting attitudes of promoters during the pandemic and her plans for the future. 

Concrete Jungyals 

5. Launching a space for Cornwall's creatives: Benny Crispin & Dan Kelly

Music producer in working in creative audio studio

When Electronic Music Production alumni Benny Crispin and Dan Kelly launched their own creative space 'Granary Audio', they quickly realised its potential to be more than a studio.  Since then they have been busy transforming Granary Audio into a  hub for artists to gather, network, collaborate and - most importantly - create. "We want to to help artists in the South West push themselves and get international recognition for the amazing work coming out of the region" 


The Granary Studio

6. Reuniting Plymouth's techno community: Chris Rich

Chris Rich 2-1

Electronic Music Production alumni Chris Rich, has been a stalwart of both the underground techno and psy-trance communities in Plymouth for over a decade. Noticing the social vacuum left in the city by the closure of many of its treasured venues, he decided to take action to bring underground artists in Plymouth back together again.


1928 Album
Digital Mind Music Facebook

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