Mi Casa Su Casa x dBs Music takeover at 1020 Radio

On 27th April, 2019 Mi Casa Su Casa and dBs Music shall join forces for a special, live-streamed takeover show hosted at Bristol's 1020 Radio featuring budding producers currently studying at dBs Music and stalwarts of the techno/house scene. 

Celebrating the amazing dance music scene of Bristol, this takeover brings together both professionals and students. Each given a platform to showcase their tracks on air, they'll be chatting and exploring the many aspects of the scene, learn from each other's experiences and forge new connections in the industry. So let's meet them! 


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Roberto (real name: Rob Kirkaldy), is a London based Techno producer, DJ and Remixer. Considered to be one of the most exciting new UK Techno artists in recent years, he combines influences from Detroit and Amsterdam to create his own sound unique to the UK. We caught up with Roberto briefly to get a little background on his first foray into music and how he's gotten to where he is today.  

Roberto: "I started getting into music at the age of 13 when a friend played me a jungle rave tape on a school trip. From that point I was hooked and I bought my first set of belt drive turntables shortly after. When I finished school I decided to study Music Technology and Sound Engineering at Leicester College. That’s where I first learnt to produce using Cubase (a program I still use today).

"Later I developed my production skills by talking to other producer friends and experimenting. After I finished that course, I moved to Manchester to study Acoustics at the University of Salford. All through that period I was heavily into Drum n Bass. However, just before I finished Uni, I started going to Techno party’s in London during my year out placement. It was there that I realised all the sounds I liked in DnB came from Detroit Techno.

"After I finished my Acoustics degree in 2008, I moved back down to Hertfordshire and started working as an Acoustic Consultant. I stopped listening to DnB and really got into Techno. I started a party in the town where I live and after a few events we moved it to London. Everything started to snowball from there."


Owain K


The second pro joining the takeover is Bristol born DJ and Producer Owain K. Here's a little background on him…

Owain K: "During the mid 90s, I got bitten by the bug of DJing and buying records. I got into throwing parties and running club nights a few years later after I left home and moved to Cardiff.

"From 2000-2008, I became part of the legendary techno collective ‘The Holodeck’ where I met lots of likeminded heads and music makers. I found myself working with a good friend, jamming down tracks with synths and an AKAI sampler in his loft; getting my first label off the ground thanks to a helping hand from UK Techno legend Mark Broom in 2004.

"Coming from Bristol, I’ve also been lucky enough to know and make music with tech house originator Jamie Anderson (Artform), who I met when he still worked in a record shop. Now based in Berlin, we still work on music together.

"Since 2014, I’ve been writing my own blog Innate covering electronic music, art and media, and set up my own imprint under the same banner last year."




Currently a student studying at dBs Music Bristol, Maverix (Steve Mabbott) is a techno, dubstep and bass DJ and producer. Here's a little info on how it all started… 

Maverix: "Began DJing 5 years ago and started producing a year later. I have DJ'ed at various events in London/Manchester/Bristol for Cosmic Soul Collective and Dance Culture UK among others. Influences include Paleman, Hodge, Chunky and labels such as Livity Sound and Idle Hands. My own productions can be described as techno/leftfield."



Also a student currently studying at dBs Music Bristol, Reakt (Fernando Goizueta) has been on the scene for sometime now creating everything from House, Electro, Experimental / Ambient / Drone and Techno. Reakt didn't want to ruin the surprise with a bio, so you'll have to tune in to learn more about him. 



Don't forget to tune in! The takeover airs on 1020 Radio on Saturday 27th April, 3pm - 9pm. 


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