Legendary engineer Jerry Boys joins dBs Music Plymouth for a guest talk and studio masterclass. 

Legendary sound engineer Jerry Boys, whose credentials include work with The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd and Buena Vista Social Club to name but a few, recently visited dBs Music Plymouth to give our students a guest lecture on his experiences with the industry, followed by a recording and production masterclass in our commercial studio.Students were first treated to a guest lecture and Q&A session in the morning, with Jerry explaining his career to date, starting back when he was working in the Abbey Road tape room, handling tapes from various recordings such as The Beatles, Help sessions, before he moved up to tape-op. After a few years of moving up the ranks in Abbey Road Jerry then explained how he moved on to Olympic Studios, then Sound Techniques and various other studios in London. It was later, he moved down to Cornwall to engineer at the incredible Sawmill Studios.

JerryBoys_dBsMusic_studio.pngFast forward to the 1990s and Jerry had moved over to Cuba to record a series of albums, one of which was the now legendary Buena Vista Social Club. Then, in what was pure gold for the dBs Music students, Jerry detailed various mic techniques he used on these sessions as well as talking about his experience with digital technology as it was being introduced at the time. A Q&A session at the end allowed students to discuss these topics further before moving to small group sessions the dBs Music studio to experience a hands-on Jerry Boys masterclass and wokshop.
JerryBoys_dBsMusic_studio6.pngAs you can see in the images above. Held at our Neve Genesys equipped Commercial studio in Plymouth we invited a local Blues musician to come in to play while, Jerry explained and demonstrated various microphone set-ups for recording vocals and guitar before adding in his signature mixing, compression and EQ techniques.

If you'd like to learn more about Jerry Boys' incredible career and his work with Buena Vista Social Club, there's a fantastic article on the Guardian website.


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