Interview: Tom Foley from production duo Brunelle

Tom Foley began his musical journey like many young musicians; playing in a band with friends. Today, he makes up half of Bristol's Brunelle, who to date have released a series of house music hits, and last year received a platinum record for their work with Anne-Marie. We caught up with Tom to hear more about his life in the industry and the importance of hard work and dedication. 

What prompted the formation of Brunelle with Shane?
"We were in a band together years ago. I joined as a replacement bassist. We quickly realised we worked well with each other and started writing songs for the band. Eventually the band split but we kept writing, heading more and more down the electronic route until eventually it became Brunelle."

How did your separate endeavours impact the early Brunelle days?
"Luckily we both had very similar musical interests when the band split, it just felt like a natural progression. We were both writing and DJing house music and all of a sudden we had the freedom to explore that, without being restricted to just writing music for the band."

How did your collaboration with Anne-Marie come about?
"Our first couple of releases as Brunelle caught the ear of Amir Amor from Rudimental and he got in touch to ask if we would be up for helping out. Within a few days we were at Major Toms studios with him."

What was it like working on 'Alarm' and 'Breathing Fire'?
"The whole process was completely different to anything else we'd done before. For a start the songs were already written when we arrived. Everything we'd done to that point was written by us. We'd also never really collaborated with any other producers in the same room, which was a big learning curve. As for the actual creative side, we were encouraged to keep as true to our sound as possible, which we really tried to stick to."

'Alarm' was certified platinum last year, that must have been an incredible feeling…
"It was an amazing feeling. Working in music can give you so many ups and downs, it's a nice reminder to ourselves that we've got the ability to work at the highest level."

It may be the above, but what has been your proudest moment so far? 
"Yeah that was probably my proudest moment, it's something that I'll always have. I never thought I would ever get a platinum record or a song in the charts and it just acts as a real piece of evidence that my hard work and determination has paid off to some extent. It also drives me to push on and hopefully collect a couple more down the line."  

Shame Tremlin (left) and Tom Foley (right) receiving their platinum records for their work with Anne-Marie

What are your must-have tools?
"My laptop literally carries my entire life so I couldn't do much without that. In Logic I would say the Fabfilter Pro-Q 2 and Waves CLA-3A are my main tools that I pretty much use on most things. Other than that; energy and inspiration."

What advice would you give to those looking to start a career in dance music?
"Again, be prepared to work really hard on both the studio side and the social side, meeting people and getting opportunities. I would also suggest that patience is a key skill to learn. For most people everything takes a long time to develop so being patient as well as keeping determined and inspired is an important part of it. You'll get out what you put in eventually."

Where can people find out more about you and your music?
"Our music is on the main platforms Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud etc. And you can also find us on the usual socials."


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