Interview - Dyro talks studio and music production

At just 24 years old, Jordy van Egmond aka Dyro has been making waves in the recently buoyent EDM scene with remixes for big name acts such as Rihanna, Nicky Romero and Calvin Harris, plus an official collaboration with dutch dance music legend Tiesto  and DJ mag number 1 DJ Hardwell back in 2013 really saw Dyro cement his status as one of the top name EDM DJs. We decided to chat to Dyro about how he got started, the studio, his label WOLV and his advice for those starting in the business...

Tell us a bit about how you got into music production?
"I was a producer first, making tracks and I only learned to DJ after I was getting all these show offers because of my releases. I've been making music for about 6 years right now."

14573046_1514054671998842_4180382072918246359_n (1).jpgDid you ever study music production or music?
"I did not go to any school or course for music production, I have always been very eager to learn everything about these things I’m passionate about though. So I’m completely self-taught by reading books, learning my craft as I go."

Who has been your biggest mentor or teacher?
"For live performance and DJ'ing, I’d say Hardwell has taught me a lot from when I first started."

What was your first studio set up like? 
"The first I can remember must have been a shitty computer with FL Studio 8 on it and some KRK rokit 6 monitors. Nowadays, not much has changed other than the quality of my hardware and software."

Are there any bits of gear or software you can't imagine producing without?
"I use Sytrus for my low-end, I can't imagine doing the same with any other VST. I use Edison for detailed audio editing and for sound design Serum is the best at the moment, but that’s not a secret."

Who is your producer hero and why?
"Skrillex. I think in about 20 years people would look back and look at him as one of the frontiers that changed dance music forever - though not everybody might realize it right now, that’s usually how these things go. His music is very inspiring to me."

Tell us about starting WOLV and how it's developed. What is the sound you're looking for and are you still signing and promoting new acts?
"WOLV has kind of been my little rebellion against labels that would tell me I couldn’t be without them. Now I’m in complete control and I can give other artists the opportunities they deserve. We're always looking for great talent, raw and individual."
Dyro In The StudioTalk to us about any new gear or software you want for your studio, anything on the shopping list?
"I need a pair of smaller studio monitors! Getting too many complaints from my neighbours, other than that I feel like I have everything my heart desires."

What's next for you in 2017?
"I do have a roadmap, and yes. it is important to have some sort of outlook so you can have goals to work towards. I've been poorly managed over the last 2 years but I started working with a brand new team earlier this year which has been working out great. I kind of took a step back from releasing music as there was a lot of stuff be fixed. New logo, press pictures, brand, deals. Now that that’s almost done we are all set to release a bunch of good music in 2017. I have about 7 songs ready that I’m excited for everyone to hear."

Any final bits of advice for new producers and DJs? What mistakes do you see/hear people make over and over and what could they learn?
"Signing deals without getting legal advice. It might seem expensive at the moment but it will save your ass in the long run. Stay yourself, be down to earth and most of all, be true to yourself."