Graduate Focus - Ben Shepherd, Pre Production Engineer at Disc Manufacturing Services

Ben-Shepherd.BW.pngAt dBs Music, our mission is to prepare our students' for a career in the music industry after they graduate. In this feature we'll highlight the students that have gone on to a variety of job roles and successes since graduating dBs Music in Bristol, Plymouth and Cornwall.

“My name is Ben Shepherd and I studied at dBs Music in Plymouth in 2008 on the Creative Music Production and Sound Engineering BTEC, going on to the Foundation degree on the Audio Music Production course too. Along the way I gained my Pro Tools 101 and 110 and then went on to study for a BA in Music Technology at Plymouth University.

“With a lot of perseverance, blood, sweat, tears and a little luck by the time my current employer was seeking a new member of their team to work in the audio department I had been through several interviews and had years of experience with audio.

"It is quite important to note that while my qualifications were vital in even obtaining an interview, it was my passion for audio that got me the job not my qualifications. This passion was exemplified by things like more than four years of voluntary work and taking advantage of every possible opportunity to work with audio I got, paid or unpaid. Sound engineering is not a job it’s a lifestyle choice and to get the most out of it you have put a lot into it to be seen and heard amongst the professional community.

“Now I work every day with audio files in the completion of orders for our Vinyl and CD production. My job is Pre Production Engineer and I am responsible for ensuring that all elements of a client’s order are correct and the audio and artwork match up, that the audio is intact with no issues, that the correct sample rate and bit depth are being used, embedding CD text and ISRC codes onto CDs for duplication, creating DDPs, Making audio montages, creating tracklists for approval by clients and many other things. I even make one off vinyl using a vinyl carving lathe and create DVD masters.

“There are many core concepts of DSP and audio that I draw on every single day multiple times, most of which I learned at dBs Music. I have been here for a few years now and couldn’t be happier as my team are lovely and I feel at home utilising my many audio skills obtained at dBs Music to help us manufacture huge amounts of audio products for the commercial marketplace.”