Free Software Friday - Pecheneg FX Tremolo and AutoSwell

Free Software Friday is our regular Friday feature here at the dBs Music blog. We dig the depths of the music production and media webosphere and discover what downloadable plugin freebies are worth double clicking each week.

Two for the price of none this week here at dBs Music's Free Software Friday! Little known software company Pencheneg FX has two really cool plugins on offer, Tremolo and an AutoSwell. First up, Tremolo is, as you might expect a tremolo effect. It's cool because you can sync it with your DAWs tempo and achieve those sidechain-compression-like pump effects, similar to the Kickstart plugin. Check out the video below from Bedroom Producers Blog to hear it in use.

Also, there's this neat additional plugin called AutoSwell which is an automatic volume swell effect triggered by an audio input signal. So, you can turn those guitar sounds into bowed strings or create strange piano swells and much more. Definitely worth checking out and experimenting with. Grab both for Mac and Windows over at the link below.


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