Free Software Friday - Noise Engineering Sinc Vereor / Virt Vereor/ Ruina

Free Software Friday is our regular Friday feature here at the dBs blog. We dig the depths of the music production and media webosphere and discover what downloadable plugin freebies are worth double clicking each week.

How would you like to play a small part in the development of not one, but three plugins? That's exactly what Noise Engineering are offering after eschewing a closed-beta in favour of a free-for-all testing the Sinc/Virt Vereor synths and Ruina distortion.

According to Noise, the plugins are 95% of the way there, and only a few minor issues remain so you can expect your time with these plugins to be pretty damn smooth. So, let's see what's on offer. 

As we mentioned, there are two synths and a distortion here so let's start with Sinc Vereor, which is based on Noises' discounted Sinc Iter module. Designed to be your one-stop shop for sound design, and is the perfect tool for creating instruments that bridge the gap between traditional subtraction and modern synthesis techniques. 

The second synth on offer, Virt Vereor, is focussed on creating impactful basses and lead sounds. There are several different modes tailored towards a different sound, which can all be tweaked using an expanded control set that is found on Sinc Vereor.

Lastly, there's Ruina: a stereo distortion that's built on digital distortion algorithms similar to the Ruina Versio module. The controls are many and fully automatable allowing you to dial in as little or as much distortion as you like. There's a big bank of presets too, if you just want to toy around and discover something you like without messing with the controls.  

All three plugins are available for Windows and macOS (VST, AU, and AAX) and can be downloaded for free via the link. Please note: an account with Noise Engineering is needed to redeem these plugins via their customer portal. Instructions are included on the page linked below. 



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