Free Software Friday - denise My Crush

Free Software Friday is our regular Friday feature here at the dBs blog. We dig the depths of the music production and media webosphere and discover what downloadable plugin freebies are worth double clicking each week.

Over the last few years, denise has been working hard on building up a catalogue of plugins for both utility and creativity. Their latest offering, My Crush, is a bitcrusher with a twist and promises amazing results for an unbeatable price. 

A 'lite' version of their Bite Harder plugin, My Crush is built upon the same the bit crushing algorithm of its chunkier sibling. Much like Bite Harder, the UI features a frequency analyser and the same basic layout, albeit with fewer controls. What you do get is six EQ curve presets, pre and post-gain filters, resample and reduce controls, and the really fun stutter control. 

The resample and reduce controls offer a great amount of control on adding new artefacts to your audio, removing the pristine quality and give it a filthy edge.

The stutter control can be switched on/off and rate adjusted by moving your mouse up and down over the slider. Combined with the classic bit crush sound, the stutter control really transforms the audio and gives it a new sense of movement. 

The six EQ curve presets are locked in, however you can save variations of these presets when you tweaked the controls, filters etc. for use in future tracks

My Crush is usually €108.90, but can be claimed for free by creating an account on denise's website and opting in to their newsletter. Once your account is live, you can add My Crush to your basket and it will automatically change to €0.00. 

My Crush is available to download for both Windows and macOS using the link below. 



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