Fenestra - A global initiative to support visually impaired musicians

With an estimated 1.3 billion people living with some form of visual impairment, how can we support and enable them to achieve their musical aspirations? Fenestra hopes to be the answer.

Backed by the non-governmental organisation Artes Liberales, which was founded in 2017 to promote the importance of music and art within a society and a wholesome development of a person, Fenestra's mission is to assist people of all ages that have a visual impairment or are blind to lead independent and active lives while realising themselves creatively within the field of electronic music.

The main hub for the initiative is Synthlab Studio in Riga, Latvia. Created with the support of T Studio, Synthlab's aim is to provide a comprehensive collection of classic synthesisers, which are donated by supporters of the initiative, and run workshops and events of Fenestra.

Expert Sleepers, Teenage Engineering and Erica Synths are just a few names who are already committed to supporting Fenestra, the latter of which recently organised the very first Fenestra workshop for four visually impaired musicians to learn their Pico III system. Each of them were gifted a unit to continue their exploration of electronic music.

You can see some clips from the workshop in the video below. 


Fenestra welcomes any support you would like to give, so whether you're an electronic music instrument manufacturer, a music promoter, creator or label, or just someone who would like make a donation, you can do so on their website.


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