Music Production students help record on location with singer Greta Vaughan

We often talk about the opportunities presented to our Live Sound students and what they're getting up to, however, our Music Production students get out and about as well working on various on-site commercial recordings. 


The DPA microphones being fitted in the piano. The DPA microphones being fitted in the piano.

At dBs Music Plymouth, we have the additional benefit of a fully functioning commercial studio for our students. This means, along with giving students the opportunity to mix and record on a Neve Genesys console it also provides them with a chance to be a part of some of the external commercial projects that happen.

This particular project was a location recording of singer-songwriter Greta Vaughan at the Royal William Yard in an old warehouse building. A grand piano was lifted into the building specifically for the recording and the students got to work recording the piano and a cello.

Because of the location of the recording taking place in a large warehouse, the with lots of open space and solid walls, it presented a world of problems acoustically. Fortunately, our friends at DPA loaned us a range of specialist microphones and accessories allowing the recording team to capture the perfect balance between acoustic space and instruments. The DPA 4099p kit specifically, allowed for a crisp detailed sound without obstructing the video footage or capturing unwanted acoustic reflections.

The microphones used for the recording were the Neumann U87 for Vocals, Neumann KM183's and DPA 4099p for the piano and then a Coles 4038 ribbon mic for capturing the cello. All these mics went into Neve 1073, 4081 and SLL VHD 500 series mic preamps recorded into Pro Tools via a Digidesign 002 and Soundscape optical interface. The recording was for a series of live videos that Greta Vaughan will be releasing accompanied by Cellist India Bourne which will be available soon. Check the links below for more information on dBs Music Plymouth and Greta Vaughn.



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