Patchway Urban Arts Festivals gets a beatboxing lesson from dBs Music


Ayush and Robbie in action with the pupils at Patchway Community CollegeBack in June, Patchway Community College in Bristol approached us and asked if we had any Tutors at our dBs Music Bristol further educations centre that could provide a beatbox workshop as part of their Urban Arts day.
Here at dBs Music, we are always keen to be involved with our local communities. Plus, it helps inspire our students, giving them real world work experience. So we asked 2 of our DJ and Electronic Music Production students, Ayush Singh and Robbie Blundell, to lead the session. Below are just a few of the reactions from the students at Patchway...

Mitchell: "I discovered I was good at DJing, I've always wanted to be a music producer".

James: "I learnt that I was really good at the beatboxing/production, I could really feel the beats and enjoyed it".

Jake W: "I enjoyed the music workshop because I've found I am good with technology"

Ruben: "I really enjoyed the beatboxing and production because the leaders brought some cool machines and equipment that I really liked"

Jake H: "The beatboxing workshop really improved my confidence, I didn't mind making noises in front of other people!".

Andrew: "The music workshop helped me develop my confidence and I felt really proud when I was able to mix the tunes".

Well done Ayush and Robbie! Future dBs Music Tutors in the making perhaps?

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