Free Software Friday - iZotope Vinyl

Our regular Friday feature where we ask the great and the good at dBs Music what downloadable freebies are floating their boat.

Jake Price (dBs Cornwall Marketing Coordinator & Technician)

Jake Price Jake Price

Izotope Vinyl

"This is a great little free plugin that I use quite regularly on most Hip-Hop tracks that I’m making. I put this beauty on my master output chain and dial in a little bit of dust and scratch to emulate the feel of listening back on an old vinyl record, just like all of those dusty soul grooves that inspire the beats in the first place!

"The plugin is great because you can emulate every aspect of a turntable and vinyl records throughout the decades, even choosing different emulations of warped records. I tend to leave the electrical noise setting well alone though, as it’s one aspect of turntables that I intensely dislike and don’t wish to emulate!"




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