Former dBs Music student scores deal with PRS Guitars

Alex Alex "Lexxi" Dumbiotis

Former dBs Music FdA Live Sound student, Alex "Lexxi" Dumbiotis and her band Embers Of Eden have scored an incredible endorsement deal from PRS Guitars.

After graduating the dBs Music Live Sound course in Plymouth, Alex has gone on to big things as part of the band Embers Of Eden. Now with a fully fledged endorsement deal under her belt, we tracked Alex down to find out about the PRS Guitars deal, her future plans for the band and how her time at dBs Music helped her along the way...

How did the PRS deal happen?

"Becoming a PRS Guitars International Artist is something I had honestly only dreamed about. We got the ball rolling by going through the application process, sending off everything Embers of Eden had to offer! We compiled the email high with information, pictures and our new music video and crossed our fingers! Never did I think we'd get the response we did, when they got in touch with us wanting to form a working relationship I couldn't have been happier!

Alex and Embers Of Eden  Alex and Embers Of Eden 

"I've played PRS since I learnt to play guitar at age 11, when I had my first guitar lesson on my Dad's PRS and it set an incredibly high benchmark. I had experimented through other instruments but it didn't take me long to come back to PRS. There's just something about them that feel so right. From the playability, the tone, the quality and their gorgeous looks I was hooked right from the off!

Currently my rig consists is a '98 CE22, and a Custom 24 Artist Pack, put through an EVH 5150 iii and the matched 2x12 cab. It's a simple rig, but doesn't half pack a punch. When the tone is so good, why complicate it?"

Tell us about your time studying at dBs Music...

"I spent 5 years at dBs Music, working right the way through to the degree level, specialising in live sound. dBs Music is all about the community and coming straight out of school where I was the 'weird goth kid' and going into a place where it didn't matter what you looked like, who you hung out with, etc was a game changer for me. Not only was I studying in a field I loved with the most incredible tutors, but I felt completely at home, part of the team and that wasn't something I'd been used to in school!"

Would you say dBs Music helped you get to where you are now in your career in music? 

Alex's current rig  Alex's current rig 

"Studying at dBs Music has helped me in my life now in a number of ways. Firstly it's armed me with an arsenal of knowledge from studio etiquette as both a producer and a musician, to the fine details of a festival itinerary and so much more. Secondly, it gave me self confidence. It's true that dBs Music really nurture their students to grow in their fields and my confidence soared in my time there.

"These skills I've been able to apply directly in my life in Embers Of Eden. In the early days of the band, Oli and I would write the songs directly into Logic Pro, and I would produce rough demos – something which I couldn't have done to the standard I did without dBs Music. We still produce demos in a similar way and it's proved a valuable asset to us as we write new material. Working as a front of house engineer, monitor engineer, to a stage manager in my time at dBs Music has given Embers a real understanding in what it takes to produce a live show of any level, and the etiquette required by a band to make the show run as swimmingly as possible. Look after your team and they'll look after you – wherever you are!"

What's next for you and the band? 

"At the minute, we are currently working on our next single which we are looking to be released by September. Alongside working on the single, we just want to be playing out live up and down the country, as much as we can while keeping on writing and producing the new music. We're just focusing on getting Embers Of Eden and our music out there!"


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