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dBs Music students setup for installation in Plymouth theatre.

Although the festival season is over the world of live sound doesn't stop. The most recent endeavour for a couple of dBs Music's live sound students was setting up for Plymouth's Imperfect Orchestra as well as Low Profile who were putting on an art installation.

Plymouth is home to many theatres of all different sizes, the venue for for this project was the Athenaeum theatre. dBs Music students were tasked with setting up the main PA and monitors as well as aiding the light performance later in the show.

The life of a live sound professional requires you to start before anyone else and to leave after everyone else, this life isn't for everyone but our Live Sound students become accustom to it very quickly. The load in for this project started on the Thursday where all the gear was brought into the venue and the basics set up. Friday morning / daytime consisted of setting up the microphones, PA and desk among other things so that it was all ready for the gig in the evening. 

'The Imperfect Orchestra' performed on the Friday night along to video footage and pre-recorded narrations. The orchestra was mixed live to match the fluctuations in the music, it was mixed using a Allen & Heath QU24 which allows for quick control over a number of parameters. On the Saturday and Sunday 'Low Profile' provided an art installation which featured a light and sound display. The lights were controlled by a feed from the mixing desk into a laptop that changed the audio into a light performance, along with the audio being played out of the FOH system. 

The PA being used for the event consisted of Martin Audio W2 tops and WS18X subs downstairs and the upstairs PA used Juran Audio tops. The onstage monitors for the Imperfect Orchestra were Martin Audio LE1200's.


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