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dBs Music at Glas-Denbury Festival

A few weeks ago the dBs Music crew were helping rig the legendary stages of the Glastonbury festival. Now it was the turn of a more boutique, but equally as challenging festival in Denbury as Glas-Denbury went into full swing. The crew of dBs Music students were there to undertake the FOH (Front Of House) mixing as well as monitor mixing for the main stage and Vaudeville stage which was overseen and managed by ex-student and dBs Music Plymouth technician, Simon Mills. 

Main Stage

For the main stage, we utilised both an analogue and digital mixer to handle the sound for the main stage. The setup for mixing the on stage monitors was handled by the 32 channel Midas Verona feeding into a series of Martin Audio monitors. This desk was also hooked up to an outboard rack with a couple of dbx compressors and TC Electronic FX units to give the musicians some real time reverb or delay. 

The main PA mix was undertaken by a Digidesign Profile which allows seamless connectivity with Pro Tools via FireWire for multitrack recording. One of the main advantages about using a digital mixer other than the huge range of internal routing options is that you are able to recall settings from previous mixes or templates so that you don't have to start from scratch each day and it doesn't matter if some of the faders get moved in the night.

There were a range of acts on this stage from Showhawk Duo (who you may have seen pop up on Youtube), Lionstar, The Big Sets and Dr & the Medics. Every act put on a spectacular performance which the crowd thoroughly enjoyed by the dBs Music crews that were fingering the faders from the sidelines.

Vaudeville Stage


The QU24 and iPad used for Vaudeville stage. The QU24 and iPad used for Vaudeville stage.

The Vaudeville stage was run entirely by dBs Music students and staff from the mix engineers to the stage manager. It played host to a range of acts mainly playing Electro-Swing [for those of you who are unfamiliar with this controversial genre, a quick Youtube search will answer any questions]. This tent was party central with people of all ages dancing from the afternoon to late into the evening. The setup was simple but very effective. An Allen & Heath QU24 was used to mix both the stage monitors and the PA which had been tuned so that the sound was crystal clear across its broad frequency range. 


The mixing and monitoring setup. The mixing and monitoring setup.

The iPad that can be seen in both pictures on top of the mixer was connected wirelessly to the QU24 and used to mix from anywhere in the tent, meaning that the engineer is able to stand in the crowd and make any necessary adjustments to the mix from the audience perspective.  

This tent was a massive success with bands such as Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer, The Correspondents, Phat Sam and Sikada keeping the atmosphere electric all weekend.

dBs Music Tent

A new addition to dBs Music's festival repertoire is the addition of our promo tent that you might spot at a number of festivals around the UK this summer. This tent will be jammed with range of equipment from our Plymouth centre. Inside you'll find, Roland TR-8s, Novation Bass Stations, Ableton Push 2 and more. There are bean bags to take a rest from dancing or shelter yourself from the utterly random weather as well, plus a few dBs Music freebies for you to get your hands on. So if you see us at a festival please come in a say hello, we don't bite. 



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