dBs Music At Freedom Fields Festival

Birds eye view of the Freedom Fields site. Birds eye view of the Freedom Fields site.

Our live sound students are presented with many opportunities while studying with us, one of which is the opportunity to do the sound at Freedom Fields Festival here in Plymouth. They were in charge of loading the main PA, desks and on stage monitors among other things.

Over the course of a very hot and sunny weekend, Freedom Fields park played host to a small community festival in which dBs Music played quite a large role. Not only were our live sound students and tutors running the sound, but we had members of staff playing on the stage too!

Digidesign Profile System Digidesign Profile System

There were three stages at the event, the main stage, acoustic stage and the family stage. The desk being used on the main stage was a Digidesign Profile System, this is a digital desk with the ability to recall presets and mix settings at the touch of a button as well as use a range of plugins from EQ's and compressors to echo's. The mix was multi tracked into Pro Tools as well as the stereo outputs of the desk being recorded into an Edirol R-44 portable recorder as a back up.

Alle & Heath QU24 Alle & Heath QU24

On the acoustic stage the theme of digital desks continued with an Allen & Heath QU24 being used as both a monitor and front of house desk. As the QU24 is a digital desk I can be connected to a DAW via a firewire or thunderbolt cable and used to do multi track recordings in the same way that the Digideisgn Profile does.

Nicole Higgins who is a student at dBs Music was the first act on the main stage on Saturday, she played an acoustic set on the main stage kicking of the day of music. Audio Music Production tutor Stu Welsh's band "Lena Smith Band" played Sunday at midday on the main stage drawing quite a large crowd with offers of audience participation and catchy covers as well as some funky originals. 

Not only were our live sound students part of the festival, so were some of our BTEC students. One of the modules on the Music Production BTEC is events management, this is where the group must organise and orchestrate an event from start to finish. This years group chose to take charge of the family tent for a day by booking a range of acts and having a variety of workshops running throughout the day such as maraca making, face painting and a synth workshop. The atmosphere in the tent was fun and lighthearted throughout the day making their event a real success.