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dBs Music at Dartmouth Music Festival

The main stage at Dartmouth music festival The main stage at Dartmouth music festival

A few weekend's back, saw the 19th year of the Dartmouth Music Festival and coupled with the beautiful weather set the scene for some fantastic musical vibes. Our live sound students from dBs Music were in charge of running two of the stages over the course of the weekend with some ex-students also running a few other stages. The festival featured music from a plethora of genres from folk and blues to rock and jazz.

One of the inside venues at the festival. One of the inside venues at the festival.

Town Hall Venue

One of the venues being manned by our students was in the guildhall. It was a seated venue with a relaxed atmosphere perfect for the folk music that was being played by bands such as The Mark Harrison Trio and Primitive Noise Band. The demographic for this festival was very broad with both young and old coming together to enjoy the music.

The running of these stages was done as part as one of the modules that the students undertake in the first year of the dBs Music live sound degree, not only were they in charge of running each stage and making sure that everything ran smoothly, they also had to ensure that all the equipment was set up and packed down correctly - the sort of real world experience that we thrive on at dBs Music. 

Market Square Venue

The other dBs Music run stage was set in the market square and played host to some more up-tempo bands such as The Strike Nineteens playing a number of rock hits and the very popular Hucklebuck with Ian Briggs.

The desks used at each venue were Midas analogue mixing consoles for live mixing with a 16 channel used at the Market square which was also used to create the monitor mix for the band and a 24 channel was used in the guildhall coupled with an Allen and Heath MixWizard set up at the side of the stage for monitors. There was also a small outboard rack with a couple of TC Electronic FX units for delay and reverb to be added to the mix if needed along with a couple of dbx 166xs compressors for dynamic control. 

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