6 reasons to come to the next dBs Music open day

If you're looking to make a career in the music industry then dBs Music is without a doubt the best place to start your journey. From studying with us after your GCSEs at our further education centres, to gaining a full BA (Hons) degree, we have the facilities, staff and support to help you take your music to the next level.


SSL Duality Studio dBs Music1. The Studios

Come nosey around our incredible facilities and talk to our fellow gear-obsessed techs and students. Have a chat about how you produce music and your goals for your career in music. We guarantee that we have a studio space that you’ll fall in love with.



Synthesisers at dBs Music2. The dBs Music gear

Across all of our sites we have everything from the latest synths and controllers, to vintage and boutique classics that are just waiting for you to get freaky-tweaky. Come and see all our instruments and effects in action and talk to our staff about what their favourite machines are and how they use them.



 3. Explore your options
BTEC Diploma? FdA? BA (Hons)? It can be confusing what some qualifications mean for furthering your education, but our support staff can talk you through everything you need to know! Whether you’re thinking of joining dBs Music post GCSE, looking to study a BA (Hons) degree or get involved in our vocational qualifications such as the BTEC Diploma - we’re here to help!

4. Meet the tutors

Come and talk to the course leaders and tutors from dBs Music, find out about their achievements in music and discover what they’ll be teaching you. You’ll quickly realise that dBs Music is no ordinary college. We’re full of the best gear, the most experienced staff and are committed to helping you achieve your goal of a career in the music industry.


5. Workshops

If you’re still not convinced about how awesome your time studying at dBs Music will be, you can get involved in taster sessions which will be running all day. Spend time hearing the magic of our API 1608 console in Bristol or the incredible Neve Genesys in Plymouth. 



6. Free tea and coffee!

Seriously, who doesn’t like a free cuppa? We’ll be all set up for free refreshments on the day so we can get you caffeinated and exhilarated about dBs Music all at the same time! Oh, and there'll even be some free biscuits too! 




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