dBs Music help produce Euro 2016 charity single for Help For Heroes

Students and staff at our dBs Bristol centres collaborate with band Ginja Biskit on their Euro 2016 charity single, Let's All 'Av A Disco.

Rich Jones and Rich Escott of Ginja Biskit Rich Jones and Rich Escott of Ginja Biskit

Originally conceived as a concept during the World Cup in 2014 during the England vs Italy game. It was reminiscing about the World Cup in Italy in 1990 and the terrace chants of the time, "The chant, 'Let's all have a disco' first seemed to be heard around 1990," Ginja Biskit guitarist Rich Jones recalled, "A few ideas were jotted down, but then shelved and forgotten until the summer of last year, when a conversation came up with one of my oldest friends, Rich Escott. Rich was keen to get on board to flesh out my very basic demo."

Rich Jones of Ginja Biskit laying down the vocal tracks at dBs Bristol Rich Jones of Ginja Biskit laying down the vocal tracks at dBs Bristol

Once the Demo was made, the two Rich's decided to try to and release the track as a charity single for the Euro 2016 championships and approached Help for Heroes. "Help for Heroes loved it." explained Guitarist Rich, "Then gave us the green light to release it, with all download profits going to their cause."

This was when dBs stepped in to help. Chris Miller, head of the dBs further education centre in Bristol saw the demo on YouTube, and the band's appeals for any help towards the cause. Chris offered to organise some recording time with dBs students, giving them a great opportunity to re-work on the track.

"This was the first time I'd had the pleasure of using the API 1608 console which sits at the heart of our flagship HE centre in Bristol, and I was stunned by the results." Explained Chris, "In the hands of the hugely talented tutor and recording engineer, Chris Littlewood, the raw unmixed files were glisteningly transparent and the scene was set for a hugely enjoyable mixdown."

Running the recording session at the dBs Music HE centre Running the recording session at the dBs Music HE centre

Setting up the drum recording in our main studio Setting up the drum recording in our main studio

"The chorus chant is actually only six of us, but I've layered five takes using panning and EQ to create spatial and tonal difference between the same voices." added Chris, "A lot of editing went in here to keep the sound relatively tight but loose enough to feel natural, so in some cases key syllables and phrases have been chopped up and pulled about to maintain clarity."

Then after a liberal use of slapback echoes, reverbs and delays Chris created depth and was able to draw the various elements together in a cohesive sonic sound-stage. Chris explained, "I can't emphasise how crucial the use of EQ was in ensuring the piece didn't feel crowded." 

All in all we can say it was a huge success for all involved. "The day was organised and run, so professionally," explained Rich, "The students who helped out on the day were amazing and we will be ever grateful to dBs."

"The track itself is so much more rounded than the original demo," added Rich, "There's a real punch to it and we cannot wait to get it out there to support both the England football team and most importantly, try to make as much money as possible for Help For Heroes and all the wonderful work they do"

Below you can check out the original demo vs the final release and hear for yourself the difference the dBs recording session made. The first half is the original demo and the second half, starting immediately after first chorus ends, is the final dBs mix.

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