Lessons I've Learnt - Luke Chable

In our regular Q&A feature, dBs Insider asks the pros about the lessons they've learnt so far. We discover who inspired them, and the techniques they are currently learning..

Luke Chable is a Australian music producer and DJ whose relentless output of music has seen him rack up hundreds of releases, remixes and mixes on labels such as Renaissance, Trojan, Bedrock and many more. He's also an very busy DJ and the co-founder of Here at dBs insider, we caught up with the busy producer for a few words about his career so far and what he's got coming up...

Please, Introduce yourself

"I'm Luke Chable, professional electronic music producer of 17 years and also an entrepreneur and co-founder of, a site that connects vocalists and producers."

What have you learnt about the music business so far?

"It’s not smooth sailing and very tough to make it in the business. But with drive, and dedication, and a passion to develop their skills, anyone can achieve their goals."

What have you learnt about production and songwriting?

"Producing and songwriting is a fine art and craft. It takes a years to understand fully, and you never fully understand."

What have you learnt about playing live?

"Playing music you love to people who are all ears for what you do is the most rewarding experience in the music industry!"

What technique have you learnt most recently or would like to learn?

"I’m currently working on my first fully live outfit as General Noise, and by fully live I mean 100% live. It’s something I’ve wanted to do since day one."

Who has been your greatest teacher or influencer on your career so far?

"It's Ivan Gough and Phil K. They've helped me grow as a producer, and helped me think outside the box. Together they have helped me understand that there are no rules when it comes to creating music."

Who's career do you admire the most?

"Eric Prydz - he came from being a breakout commercial success to successfully creating a name for himself in the semi-underground progressive house scene, and the commercial dance success pales in comparison to his success with progressive house."

What's going on with you now? 

"New track with The New Division - Opium is released on Feb 29. New remix on ZeroThree of an old Toolroom record by Paul Thomas & Jerome Isma Ae - ‘Tomorrow’ is coming soon after that. There’s also Mesmerized: Chable Edition Volume 1 & 2 just released on Beatport - a collection of my music from 2011 onward."