17 affordable Xmas gifts for music producers

In typical fashion, gift buyers the world over are exclaiming, "how is it Christmas already?" We're just as shocked as you are, but in a bid to alleviate your stress at having to find yet another music related gift for the producer(s) in your life, we've already found 17 new contenders to add to their stocking. 

Nano Block Synth christmas gift music1. Nanoblock Synthesiser 

Music producers by their very nature enjoy getting stuck into the tiniest details, so the Nanoblock Synthesiser is the perfect stocking filler to add to the list, as long as you’re OK with losing the recipient for hours as they put it together.




keyboard-sugar-free-mints-Christmas gift music

2. Keyboard sugar-free mints 

The odour of a well-used studio is something we’re all familiar with, but producer breath isn’t as widely talked about. This keyboard themed tin of mints is perfect for covering the stench of coffee or Red Bull after an intensive session. Plus, it can be reused for storing tiny studio essentials!



Pig Ocarina Christmas gift music3. 7-Hole Pig Ocarina

The perfect gift for the farmyard-loving music producer, a sentence that none of us expected to read in this list. Made from terracotta, this ocarina claims that the round belly is responsible for some beautiful, soft and clear flute-y tones. We’ll take their word for it…



Musical Wine Glasses Christmas gift music

4. Major Scale Music Wine Glasses - Set of 2

When the mood falls flat - their joke, not ours - it’s time to bring out the musical wine glasses. Made from lead free crystal, this set of 2 glasses adds a musical flavour to your favourite, festive bottle, though we imagine one key will be performed more than others.




ebb8 cat scratch dj Christmas gift music

5. Cat Playhouse Scratchpad

Curb your fuzzy friends furniture scratching and entertain yourself at the same time with this scratchpad that promises at least some mild chuckling.




808, 909, 303 cushion Christmas gift music6. 808, 909 & 303 Pillowcase

Ideal for the bedroom studio dweller, this pillow case is adorned with 3 iconic releases from Roland, guaranteed to help dream up new beats and basslines*.

*we can’t guarantee that





Synth Phone Cases Christmas gift music

7. Various Synth Phone Cases

Share your love for all things synth whilst protecting your phone with one of these themed phone cases. There are 9 pages to choose from so good luck deciding on your favourite.




Eurorack Rucksack

8. Eurorack Rucksack 

The perfect place for all the new modules you've picked up, this 'Eurucksack' comes from Soft Machines, the same people behind last year's wonderful Korg MS 20 pillow. Their store is packed with other excellent, soft musical creations that make for fantastic gifts.







9. Roland TR-808, TR-909, TB-303 and Juno-106 Mugs

An excellent gift for the electronic musician, not to mention a fantastic addition to a studio’s kitchen, though please keep all liquids away from the gear!




DJ Fridge Magnet

10. DJ Turntable Decks Fridge Magnets

What is your fridge missing? A Technics 1210SL and Allen & Heath mixer, obviously. Also available are Roland’s TR-808, TR-909, TB-303 and Juno-106, but we feel they’ve been well represented already.




iLok Protector

11. Die Cast Aluminium iLok Protection Box

If you or a friend are the type of people that tend to break or misplace iLok’s and USB sticks then this handmade aluminium box could be the answer. They take 2 weeks to make, so try not to lose or break the iLok before it arrives.




MPC2000xl 45 Adapter

12. MPC2000xl 45rpm Adapter

Perhaps our favourite addition to the list is this adorable MPC2000xl adapter for all those 45s in your collection. Also available are other retro throwback adapters including some classic gaming systems!




Moog model D Socks

13. MiniMoog Model D Socks

Socks are synonymous with Christmas, so treat the music producer in your life to a pair of their own Model D’s, especially if you bought them the 808 socks we listed last year.





Pioneer DJ Passport Case and Luggage Tag

14. Pioneer DJ Passport Cover and Luggage Tag

Share your love of decks with a custom Pioneer DJ passport case and luggage tag, which ironically, are scratch resistant.





Sheet Music Toilet Paper

15. Toilet Paper: Sheet Music

Tired of bog-standard toilet paper? Stave off lavatory boredom with the addition of some sheet music toilet paper.




diy-synth-kit Christmas gift music

16. DIY Synth Kit

A fun way to spend your Christmas morning, and as there’s no soldering involved, there’s no chance of any fire-related mishaps to ruin the day! Non-fire-related mishaps are still possible.





Mix Tape USB Christmas gift music

17. USB Mix Tape

The mix tape has sadly faded into obscurity as technology has moved on, but rather than sulk about it, this gift embraces technology and reimagines the mix tape for the 21st century.





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