dBs Productions help with custom audio for art installation event

You may have already spotted some of the intriguing audio work taking place on the dBs Music Instagram account, with both our current and former students involved. It's all part of dBs Productions, our commercial, working audio production arm of the dBs Music schools. Recently dBs Productions have been working hard on a project to support artist Britt Hatzius in the creation of her new work, Not Here. Featured as part of The Tale, it's an adventurous arts event located on the coast of Torbay, with the work combining binaural audio recording and spots of video. All of this work was custom designed for the Paignton Picture house a now disused former 1920s cinema in Paigton, which, of course made the whole project even more unique.

Working with the artist and event organisers Situations, our students installed custom PA systems, designed and built custom binaural headphone arrangements and worked on sound design aspects within the work. When speaking about working with the dBs Productions staff and students Britt told us, "It really was for me one of most pleasant and enriching collaborations, ever! You lot at dBs Music are excellent!" 

If you're interested in seeing and hearing the work for yourself, The Tale opens on Friday 8th September and you can get more info and buy tickets for the event below.