dBs Productions' Ambient Literature project, The Cartographer’s Confession is out now!

Ambient-lit-dbs-productions.jpgOur non-profit commercial arm of dBs Music, dBs Productions gives students the opportunity to work on real-world audio / music projects and commissions. Recently, our student team were commissioned to deliver the audio work on an amazing collaborative Ambient Literature project, The Cartographer’s Confession by author James Attlee.

Our team at dBs Productions, produced all the audio content and music. It involved location recording sessions in London, hiring session musicians for the sound track, recording voice actors, with a team of our students heavily involved during the recording, editing, mixing and mastering specifically for the app. 

The Cartographer's Confession Launch October 2017 from DCRC on Vimeo.

The Cartographer’s Confession takes the reader into an immersive story world set across London. Combining fiction and non-fiction, imagined and real locations, it is a tale of migration and loss, hope and retribution. Personal cassette recordings made by cartographer Thomas Andersen, along with letters, notes and original 1940’s photographs, lead the reader to the dark secret at the story’s heart. Featuring 3D soundscapes, illustrations and a bespoke musical score by the group, The Night Sky. Funded by the AHRC Ambient Literature research project.

The work explores the locational and technological future of the book. Mixing music, spoken word and binaural sonic landscapes the story unfolds around the listeners as they explore locations across London. The application tracks your location and the sound world comes alive around you as you enter the specific locations of the story. Grab the app for free from the links below.

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