Can BeatSchool virtually teach you how to DJ?

BeatSchool is a brand new interactive DJ simulator that is poised to usher in the future of learning music through the medium of video games, but can it deliver on its claims?  

Music creation and video games is no new thing, dating back to the 90s with titles like Mario Paint and Music 2000, with more recent releases including Korg's additions to the Nintendo DS and Switch, with the DS-10 synthesiser and Korg Gadget, respectively. Yet, with the exception of Ubisoft's Rocksmith, no one has managed to use video games to teach someone how to play an instrument. 

Now though, BeatSchool is on the cusp of launching its first closed beta to the world and that could all change. 

Using photo realistic, virtual recreations of industry-standard DJ equipment from Pioneer DJ, Technics, Native Instruments and Roland, BeatSchool aims to remove the intimidation factor and help aspiring DJs build their skills as well as offering more experienced users the chance to expand their expertise. 

BeatSchool Technics (Web)

Alongside growing to learn your instruments, BeatSchool will also introduce you to performing to virtual crowds, ranging from low-capacity venues to huge events. 

Could we be witnessing the beginning of the future of DJ training? Right now, it's anybody's guess, particularly as we've never seen anything of this level before. As a resource, BeatSchool could be an excellent way of cutting out the need to buy the equipment and book the gigs in order to practice with a crowd. 

However, and we're going to try and sound as impartial as possible here, it's hard to know if this could really become the new way to learn the craft. The lack of tactile response, or real human interaction does raise some red flags, as both are critical to developing your skills as a DJ, but we'll reserve judgement until we see it in action. 

The closed beta will be released on October 19th, with the full version planned for release in summer 2020. You can sign up for the beta using the link below.  



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