Chris Mackin

Using live sound to inspire the next generation - Jerome Attrill

By Chris Mackin October 23, 2020

Since graduating from our live sound degree at dBs Plymouth, Jerome Attrill has embarked on an..

Fenestra - A global initiative to support visually impaired musicians

By Chris Mackin October 6, 2020

With an estimated 1.3 billion people living with some form of visual impairment, how can we..

The Sounds of dBs Music: September 2020

By Chris Mackin October 2, 2020

Each month we collate the diverse creative output of the dBs community in our Sounds of dBs..

AudioCube - An interactive audio platform with community at its heart

By Chris Mackin October 1, 2020

In a world where digital streaming, social media and now a global pandemic has completely..

How OSCO's YouTube channel is filling a gap in the market

By Chris Mackin September 11, 2020

Starting his own YouTube channel had always been on the cards for Ross Murphy (OSCO), but time..

The Sounds of dBs Music: August 2020

By Chris Mackin September 1, 2020

Each month we collate the diverse creative output of the dBs community in our Sounds of dBs..

How to rescore video game trailers with Matthew Owen

By Chris Mackin August 21, 2020

Though music has always been integral to the success and immersive quality of any given video..

Finishing an album in lockdown with Liam McDonagh (Retrospekt)

By Chris Mackin August 11, 2020

Finishing a project is probably the toughest and most common issue music producers face. For..

The Sounds of dBs Music: July 2020

By Chris Mackin August 4, 2020

It's that time again where we celebrate the continued creative output of the dBs community and..

Cataloguing dreams and soundtracking comics with Máté Moldován

By Chris Mackin July 29, 2020

Since joining dBs Music Bristol, Máté Moldován has proved to be one of the most innovative and..

Playing with the way we experience sound - Orion Zane

By Chris Mackin July 21, 2020

Interactive audio designer and recent graduate of our Sound for Games & Apps course, Orion Zane..

From bedroom producer to touring with BICEP: charting the rise of Manami

By Chris Mackin July 8, 2020

Since leaving dBs Music, Manami Baba has become one of the most renowned DJs in Bristol, and her..