Another year at Glastonbury for the dBs Music students!

Each year a few of our dBs Music Live Sound students are selected to work at Glastonbury Festival on a variety of the stages, helping rig and run the sound. The students who attended this year were Jerome Attrill, Adam Gilbert, Harry Colwill, Lee Chance and Elliot Laere along with tutors Leo Brown, Olly Wickes and Simon Honeywill who are all teachers at dBs Music Plymouth. Between them the students worked on The Pyramid Stage, West Holts and John Peel Stage.

The students arrived a few days before the festival started to begin, helping with set up. They were tasked with flying the main PA for the Pyramid stage as well as running the power and audio cables to front of house (FOH) and various places around the stage. Once the festival was underway their tasks included helping to ensure that each band were patched in to the stage boxes correctly as well as setting up mics and other kit. 

20170619_131547.jpgAfter speaking to the students we asked them what their highlight of the week were and what they gained from their experience at Glastonbury Festival, here is what they had to say…

“Radiohead were amazing, their sound was so clear and well placed through the Martin Audio MLA. Being able to successfully work on stages at an event of that size just opens up your mind to realise what you've learnt at dBs Music and that I can now put it into practice, succeedig at such high profile level.” - Jerome Attril

“My favourite acts of the weekend are a toss up between Radiohead and a salsa band I watched at the Glasto-Latino area of the site but I can't remember the name. Radiohead probably just about edged it though due to me being able to watch them from the side of the stage. I have realised that being a live sound engineer is more than just turning up and mixing a band. It takes an awful lot of hard work to make such a large show happen. I was surprised at just how efficient and well oiled everyone was during the setup and how well all the different contractors communicated with each other. Having the opportunity to prep and patch large acts has given me more confidence in my own abilities as a novice sound guy.” -  Lee Chance

“Radiohead was one of my favourite acts purely because I hadn't really listened to their music before. Before what I'd heard wasn't my cup of tea, but hearing it like that at Glastonbury absolutely blew me away after it sunk in that we put the system up for the Pyramid Stage. What I've gained from this is mainly the realisation the Live Sound course and experience at The Hub venue with dBs Live really has prepared us for any work that can come our way. I was really nervous and didn't think I would be able to cope with working on the Pyramid Stage but it was actually no different from what we had been taught ,which was amazing to discover. It just really proved to me that if that's what you want to do then dBs Music and dBs Live at The Hub is definitely the place to learn how.” - Harry Colwill

20170620_175456.jpgThe dBs Music staff who were on site included Olly Wickes who was helping to run the West Holts stage? Leo Brown who, along with Adam Gilbert, setup and ran the Interstage gig that is held backstage on the Thursday night before the weekend kicks off.

Simon Honeywill had a very big part to play in the festival as he was the sound consultant for the whole of the festival. Overall, everyone who took part had an excellent time that they will remember for years to come.

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