A day with Soundcraft for dBs Music Live Sound students

Soundcraft_dBs-Music-1.jpgOur ethos at dBs Music is for students to get hands-on with the widest array of audio gear and learn direct from professionals throughout the industry. Recently, this meant legendary audio company Soundcraft visiting dBs Music's live sound students down in Plymouth.
Soundcraft_dBs-Music-3.jpgThe students were treated to an exclusive demo of their new series of VI desks. After a brief history of the company and a general Q&A about the live sound world, types of mixing consoles and technology, our students were given the opportunity to try out the desk and were shown all of its different features and workflows.
The challenge for using the new console was taking a recording of a band from the venue and attempt to mix this material using the new Soundcraft VI console. Having major manufacturers like Soundcraft visit dBs Music gives the students both first hand experience of the latest consoles they might experience when working in the live sound industry and help build industry connections, direct from the experts.

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