6 Pro Tips to Get You Motivated and Inspired

It's that time again when we look to the pros for their top pieces of advice and this time we're in search of some motivation and inspiration.

We're our own worst enemies when it comes to motivation and inspiration - constantly overthinking the music we're producing, wondering if it's good enough to pursue and sometimes stopping our creative flow altogether. Motivation can also be an issue when trying to find your place in the music industry, especially if it feels like you're being hit with rejection after rejection. 

Finding solutions to these issues is subjective, but at the heart of it there are some key tips you can take away to help you get motivated and inspired. 

1. Do it because you love music

Do it because you love music - 6 Pro Tips to Get You Motivated and Inspired 

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"I think if you're trying to make music for the wrong reasons and then things don't go well in your career you start to think 'what's the point in doing this?' But if you're being honest and doing music that you love, I think the music itself can be an inspiration and motivation, you just have to get back to that purity. Remember that you love music for music's sake rather than doing it for a job or to get gigs. Do it because you love music and the motivation and inspiration will come back regardless of whether you're achieving success or not. 


2. Don't get hung up on genre

Don't get hung up on genre  - 6 Pro Tips to Get You Motivated and Inspired 

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“As long as your music is high quality it doesn’t matter what it is! Sometimes the more obscure or unique it is, the better it’s received! At the end of the day, music is supposed to be a personal expression, not a formulated regurgitation!”

3. Find your musical voice

Find your musical voice - 6 Pro Tips to Get You Motivated and Inspired 

Richard Jacques
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"Always try and have your own musical voice, don’t worry about what others are doing and try to emulate them, but stick with what interests you and what you are good at and what makes your music unique.”

4. Keep the momentum up

Keep up the momentum - 6 Pro Tips to Get You Motivated and Inspired

Danny Byrd

“When you start making money in music and you might have a really good year where some of your tracks really kick off, the reality is you'll start DJing loads, you'll have to do loads of press, that stops you writing in the studio. Before you know it, it's next year and you haven't written any new tracks and that's over, so you have to keep on working. Everyone has a good year, everyone has a bad year - generally the two follow one another. So always keep working, always have something ready to go even if a track is doing well." 

5. Enjoy it!

Enjoy it - 6 Pro Tips to Get You Motivated and Inspired

Drew Morgan
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“My main priority has always been to make music I think is good, regardless if it is a well-paid project or a passion project. Being a musician isn’t the easiest career path, so I might as well enjoy it!"

6. Broaden your horizons

Broaden your horizons - 6 Pro Tips to Get You Motivated and Inspired 

Red Rack'em
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“When it comes to things like originality I would recommend that you listen to as much different types as music as you can and even things that you might not even like, because you're going to hear stuff which is really going to add to your palette.”

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