6 Pro Tips to Boost Your Creativity

Breaking creative block or finding ways to reinvigorate your music has been well documented, but after being graced by so many amazing faces from the music industry over the years, we thought we'd turn to them for advice. 

We've all been there. Sat in front of the computer trying to write a new track and getting nowhere, or obsessively trying to channel our love for an artist, but constantly sounding like we're copying them. What's worse, there's no one-size-fits-all solution for everyone to get past it, but that's not to say you can't regain that spark. 

We've gone through our chats with the vast range of industry professionals that have come through dBs Music and picked their top tips for injecting some creativity back into your music. 

1. Listen outside of your genre

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Chris Hare (Shamanic Technology)
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“When I'm hitting the wall I tend to listen to a bunch of music outside the genre's I'm working on to jog my musical brain into new territory. Another is working on multiple styles and moods so that whatever might be going on that day I can find something I'm working on that taps into that mood and utilise it.”

2. Avoid comparing yourself to others


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“In the early days of my career I would always compare my music to the artists I consider to be the top guys… But I realised that you need to step away from that mentality and  recognise that your own voice is all that really matters. Comparison kills creativity and if you spend all your time listening to your favourite artists you get stuck trying to replicate their sound rather than trying to be yourself.”

3. Visualise and understand the music you want to create

Drew Morgan Real World 3

Drew Morgan
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“It is really important to be able to imagine the sounds and to know what will work with live players especially, otherwise we end up simply writing what the samples do best rather than what needs to happen musically and emotionally. I don’t want my sample libraries calling the shots! The flip side of that – and there is always a flip side! – is that some sample libraries can be very inspiring and can spark ideas too. It is also great to create ones own sample libraries."

4. Step away from your comfort zone


Bjørn Jacobsen
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“Keep pushing, work on anything sound related you can find, be curious, try to also let it go and do something completely non-sound once in a while.”

5. Learn from the pros


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“Study your favourite artists and figure out what specific aspects of their music inspires you, then try to replicate it. After enough experimentation, combining a unique array of inspirations with your own existing style/technique is bound to produce a result that's fresh and exciting... Having great ideas will get you much further than great production."

6. Find what makes your music stand out


Lucian Blomkamp
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“A song consisting of 100 tracks is no more powerful or intricate compared to song with 1, in the same way that a song with complex time and key changes is no better than a song that can be performed by a child. In short, take note of what element is truly making your music stand out, and purely focus on emphasising these qualities.”

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