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5 Things We Learnt From Real World Studios

After our recent visit to the wonderful Real World Studios we thought we'd share the top 5 things we learnt during our time there.  

Each year our FdA Music & Audio Technology and BA (Hons) Music Production & Sound Engineering students visit Real World Studios for a day recording different artists. The team have full use of the amazing facilities getting hands-on with a range of vintage and highly sought-after equipment. Our students are treated to trade secrets and insider knowledge from the in-house engineers. Here are 5 things we learnt from recording at Real World Studios.

1. Learn
 Your Gear

If you have access to a range of equipment you’ll find that some pieces are better suited to certain jobs than others. You will only get to know this is you spend time learning and using each piece properly.


5 Things We Learnt From Real World Studios - Know Your Gear

2. Get to Know The Engineers

If you’re recording in a commercial facility, get to know the in-house engineers. A great example is working at Real World Studios. They have five Urei 1176 compressors, each performs better on different tasks. A friendly chat with the engineer revealed which one was the best for each job. 

3. Communication is Key

5 Things We Learnt From Real World Studios - Communication is key

One of the standout features of Real World Studios is the ability to have the band record in the same space as the studio engineer. In many other world-class studios of a similar calibre the control room is isolated from the live room. Having everyone in the same room leads to heightened levels of communication and rapport between the band and the producer. This leads to enhanced creativity and a more efficient recording session, thus yielding better results.

4. Kick Tunnel

A great way to capture enhanced or ambient kick drum sounds is to use a kick tunnel. A kick tunnel is a DIY device that builds a tunnel extending from the kick drum into the room. Mics can be placed at the end and at different points in the tunnel as well as inside the kick drum, like usual. Using this technique the Real World Studio engineers were able to capture a more ambient or roomy kick sound without recording spill from other instruments.

5 Things We Learnt From Real World Studios - Kick Tunnel

5. Prepare Your Session in Advance

Whenever you arrive to work at a new facility the equipment set up will always have a degree of variation to your usual place of work. At Real World Studios they offer a DAW template & track sheets for you to download and edit, before your booking. The template comes with instructions regarding which channels can and can’t be edited and already have their routing set up. This means you can prepare your mix in advance and arrive ready to start straight away. Whenever you plan to work in a new studio ask if they can provide the same and try to prepare as much as you can before the day.

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