5 of the scariest game soundtracks to play this Halloween

With the horror-filled time of Halloween fast already on us, we asked our Sound For Games And Apps course leader, Rich Hemming, for his five favourite scary games and soundtracks ever. Here are his spine-chilling choices and five fearsome favourites...

After Nine Inch Nails' frontman, Trent Reznor showed interest in the initial game Doom he was asked to produce the soundtrack album for the game Quake on a brand new, state of the art game engine which pioneered online death matches. Egyptian, Medieval and Gothic worlds were all scored by Reznor in this ultra-violent shooter.

Silent Hill

A survival horror from Konami on Ps2. The Soundtrack from Akira Yamaoka is considered the best in the series with throwbacks to the original Silent Hill in the Theme of Laura which leitmotif cycles round in the entire gameplay. A melancholic instrumental journey to accompany a man who enters a town after receiving a letter written by his dead wife.


A soundtrack composed by Mike Morasky for Valve corporation, nothing is as terror-inducing as the sound of the witch’s cries. In every game an eerie, sobbing rises out of deafening silence, accompanied by sinister music. Then the atmosphere shifts, you begin to sweat, there’s a witch out there… Terrifying!

Jeff van Dyck was the audio director on Alien: Isolation and he chose the project because he was a huge fan of the extremely tense and brooding original movie. To help make a game that was as close to the first movie as possible, 20th Century Fox gave The Creative Assembly access to the original sound effects, taken from eight-track and dumped to a single ProTools session of the entire film. The audio for the game went on to win a BAFTA. Check out this great feature on the music at MCV.

Capcom's Resident Evil has been a classic scare-story for a while and produced a huge movies franchise too, but now with VR available in the game, the audio Akiyuki Morimoto, Kenji Kojima, Ken Usami creates blends horror and realistic drama with silence in a traumatic and immersive VR experience. There's a great making of the sound and music over at gdc vault.


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