5 Android Music Apps For Musicians and Producers

No longer is Android the audio app wasteland it used to be. Although it does have a long way to go before it's as rich as the iOS platform, there are still a heap of great audio apps to get stuck into. Following on from our favourite Android synth apps, we've rounded up some of the more fully-fledged, DAW-like apps to get you making mobile music in no time!

Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 11.18.241. Caustic 3

Based around a rack-like look. Caustic seems to hint at Propellerhead's Reason in its design and Reason users will certainly feel at home here. It offers a full studio experience and it's really quick and easy to get tracks going layering up drums with a huge selection of synths and effects. Up to 14 'machines' can be used at once and with Wav and MIDI export, the ability to load your own samples and add a USB MIDI controller, Caustic is feature packed!


gss543narrow2. G-Stomper Studio

There are a whole range of great G-Stomper music apps from planet-h but the flagship studio packs everything in. There's familiar sequencing, sampling and mixing and effects, but what really sets G-Stomper Studio apart for us is the ability to integrate it to your current studio or live setup. Connect a USB MIDI interface and you can set MIDI in and out. This means you can use the step sequencer to trigger an external hardware synth for example. G-Stomper even supports Ableton Link, so you can sync using that protocol over wi-fi. Pretty neat!


Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 11.23.01Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 11.23.013. FL Studio Mobile

In the last 15 years, FL Studio has gone from being seen as a beginners program or starter DAW, to being the software of choice for international superstar artists such as Avicii, Martin Garrix, Oliver Heldens and man y more. The mobile version shouldn't be dismissed either, similarly to G-Stomper studio, it's hugely feature-packed, features easy project sharing and the ability to plug in USB MIDI controllers.


Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 11.18.424. n-Track Studio 9

Working on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS, n-Track Studio is heavily suited to traditional audio tracking and recording but still has the sequencing and 'regular' beat-making features you'd spot on most DAWs. Get yourself a compatible audio interface and you can record, mix and share your music all though this app. It's a very easy to use GUI and scalable for beginners with a stack on tutorials online too.


screen-35. RD4 – Groovebox

As the name suggests, rather than a full production software, RD4 is a groove machine that's much more simple to get stuck into than some of the other apps on the list. It's fast and fun with the classic 303 style synths and drum machine options. There's some great effects and it's all geared up to performing live with easy controls, XY control pads on the FX and fantastic integration with Novation's LaunchKey Mini USB MIDI keyboard. Simple app but serious fun.


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