12 affordable Christmas gifts for music producers

Struggling to find a thoughtful and affordable gift for the music producer(s) in your life? We're here to help and have curated 12 great gifts that they will love. 

Somehow it's that time of year again and so begins the mad panic to find some thoughtful gifts for your friends and loved ones. Thankfully, when it comes to music producers, there's so many affordable gifts to choose from. 

We've kept the list fairly small with 12 options and have made a concerted effort to focus on independents, particularly after 2020's impact on the creative arts. So get browsing, grab a lovely gift for that special someone and support an independent business while you're at it!

Piano Keys Cookie Cutter1. Piano Keys Cookie Cutter
 £9.68 (not incl. P&P)

If there's been one trend that's taken root in 2020 it's baking at home, so why not lean into it with this cookie cutter? There's plenty of other musical themed shapes like a grand piano, sax, guitar, phonograph and sheet music. 



Electronic Music poster

2. Electronic music poster
From £26.48 (not incl. P&P)

Do you know someone who has recently moved or is redecorating and needs something to pull a room together? This poster combines some of the most iconic tools for an electronic music producer and packages in this colourful print. 


World's Smallest Turntable3. World's Smallest Turntable

£9.99 (not incl. P&P)

The perfect stocking filler and one that is more than meets the eye. As well as an adorably sized turntable, you'll also get three mini LPs to play on it, as well as 32-page book of music facts. 



Keyboard necklace

4. Keyboard Necklace

£14.99 (not incl. P&P)

For the keys obsessive in your life that needs something to pair with their piano neck tie.




Kanye Wrapping Paper

5. Kanye West wrapping paper

From £1.99 (not incl. P&P)

Nothing says Christmas like Kanye… right? If Yeezy isn't the one, then this seller also has Kendrick, Post Malone, Taylor Swift and Snoop Dogg festive wrapping, too. 




Mixtape Poster6. Custom Mixtape Print

From £24.19 (not incl. P&P)

The mixtape has endured over countless years despite the change in music listening habits, so if last year's USB mixtape option didn't hit the spot, why not try something a little more artistic?  




Synth Phone Cases Christmas gift music

7. Various Synth Phone Cases

From £18 (not incl. P&P)

If you have a friend who's clumsy with their phone and a lover of synths and drum machines then you need look no further. 



Eurorack Rucksack

8. Everything from Softmachines 

We've featured this store on our Xmas list before and we will continue to until one of us stops! The wonderful Etsy store Softmachines recreates classic hardware in the form of plush cushions and bags that make our bank accounts tremble with fear. These are definitely on the more expensive end of the spectrum, but entirely worth the price tag.




HI-FI_Back t shirt

9. Doubious Hi-Fi shirt

£25 (not incl. P&P)

Do you know someone with a love for Hi-Fi as well as diagrams? It's remarkable how much those interests line up, and now there's an excellent t-shirt to match! 




Enamel Pins

10. Music-themed enamel pins

From £9.34 (not incl. P&P)

Sometimes you don't want to shout your love for musical gear from the rooftops, and when that's the case an enamel pin can do the job nicely. Produced by Charmingafternoon on Etsy there are so many great pins to choose from. 



Cable Tidier

11. Leather cable tidier

£7 (not incl. P&P)

Perhaps the most functional gift suggestion on our list, this smart and small leather cable tidiers will help keep drawers organised and headphones tangle free! 



diy-synth-kit Christmas gift music

12. DIY Synth Kit

£24.99 (not incl. P&P)

The more keen eyed of you will notice that this was also featured on a previous Christmas list, but it's an excellent little present to give to a person that loves to tinker and play. Also great to keep someone quiet for a bit. 



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